• Importance of well designed packaging

    You can create the most precious products on the market, but if your presentation will be simply un-inviting, you could be missing plenty of sales ! Creating “eye candy” packaging for your products will undoubtedly pull consumers your path. Businesses all over the world tend to be destined to need to have unique and well designed product packaging. This includes all kind of packaging from satin pouches through velvet bags to paper gift boxes, but whatever you are looking for, you would like the very best assortment along with the finest achievable quality and designs. That’s why you ought to notice precisely what we have to present only at DELU. At DELU, you could expect display in addition to presentation products of the best quality available on the market. We are competent to make almost everything you could possibly need such as paper packaging, finest stationery, fabric bags + ribbons and so what ever the needs you may have, we’ll have the capacity to support you.

  • How we can help your business

    We’ve got an serious awareness of fine details which means that you will be pleased with the final results of our packaging products. We can produce packaging for your precise needs by using our vast networks in Asia and especially China. We all know how important it is having just the right packaging presenting your products during sales. From the retail store sector, the sales associated with virtually any item will depend mainly on how to display the product. Absolutely no consumer could purchase a horribly introduced product or service that doesn’t appeal to their attention especially if it’s a mid to high priced quality product.

  • Your success is our success

    Consistency is the key to success and we from DELU know this just to well. Superb customer service is the experience of all of our clients when working with us. We know exactly what the market needs as well as what is possible and achievable. We are driven by an European management which exactly knows to the point what kind of support and service is needed to stay successful in the market with unique, well designed and professional produced packaging products. We know that it is our customers who are driving our business and without their success no success for us. We from DELU are therefore always working very close with our customers in order to provide the best possible packaging products.

Finest packaging products and solutions for the stationery, jewellery and watch industry is what we garuantee and standing for. –Delu Ltd.

High quality products and professional service is our companies philosophy. Our performance is proved through long term relations with famous international brands.–Delu Ltd.

Constantly improvements of our existing products and ideas for new designs on an ever challenging market is our customers stronghold.–Delu Ltd.

Throughout the past years in China, we have produced and supported projects especially but not limited in the packaging and gift industry for clients from all over the world.–Delu Ltd.

By working with us, you not only benefit from our vast knowledge in the Chinese purchasing market, but also from our professional expertise in manufacturing.–Delu Ltd.