Quality Assurance

Always up to date - No bad surprises

we from Delu Ltd. are supporting you by monitoring your purchase activities in China. We do continuously checking your orders. We visit and observe the productions, in order to be able to pass reliable information on to you. You are thus always up to date with information from a reliable source of all current procedures. Especially SMC’s are often confronted with delivery delays from their Chinese suppliers. This is mostly caused by preferring big orders over small ones by the Chinese productions although that means to expect delays. Through continuous placing of orders to selected suppliers we are in the position to maintain much more reliable deliveries. This is also insuring you have an strong partner on your side with a strong negotiation power.
In order to secure the quality of the production we from DELU Ltd. are always performing inline QC’s during the actual process on site. Order follow-up, Auftragsverfolgung, 订单跟进,质量保证Many of our customers are defining additional check points prior so that we are also enabled to react in time and on site on behalf of you. It is therefore possible in urgencies to solve and prevent short comings right in time. Through continuous observation we ensure to minimize delivery delays and additional costs. Besides our continuous observation we do perform final quality controls of finished goods. Your orders can therefore only shipped after all quality check points have passed.