Sourcing through the internet (Alibaba & Co.)

It proved itself that sourcing in China can have devastating consequences over for example the Internet platform “Alibaba dot com” without an following audit.Sourcing, Lieferantensuche, 资源寻找 Due to price comparison, which is the center of these portals, the quality of the commodity and fair trading manners of the suppliers is according to our experience way in the background.It is very common that companies on these portals are offering competition less favorable prices but leaving the customers with risky terms. If it comes to quality issues after delivery, it very often turns out to be very difficult to handle such situations. As DELU Ltd. is managed by european standards and business ethics you can expect the service you are used to.


Your advantage by working with us

    • Professional consulting on your specific product needs.
    • Assisting during sampling process, this will ensure that your expectations are met before sending out any samples.
    • Strict quality controls in house in order to reach an international quality standard.
    • Professional service in English, Chinese and German language.