Competitive through continuous improvement

Caused by constantly increasing labor and raw material costs, Chinese supplier are more and more confrontated with an remarkable increasing cost pressure. It is therefore in Chinese productions an enormous potential for optimizations. Since automatization and well organized processes in within many Chinese enterprises have been in the past not well addressed, we from DELU Ltd. are also offering support and advice for both the customer as well as the suppliers end. With our well documented and proved audit schemes, we find the best solutions with an minimum of expenditure by achieving an maximum of return.
Starting with an initial audit we collect all data of different production and internal organization processes by evaluating the best improvements together with all parties involved. Delu Ltd. is rating improvements based on their feasibility, payback period and rentability.

Optimization, Optimierung, 优化过程

What distingushes us from others is that we not only see our responsibility in the detection and valuation of potential improvements, but also giving support with feasible implementations.We support not only the purchase of the investments but remain active until it proved its worth in business operations.