Our Service — Guarantee for your success in China !

The management of DELU have been active in the greater china market since the late nineties. That means that we have a vast experience in the fastest growing market in the world. We have been directly involved in Chinese manufacturing from the ground-up. We have managed our own manufacturing facilities and have invaluable experience on how things are done and how to get things done.Through our filed service products, we guarantee a maximum profit for our customers.   In this manner we help you to stay competitive in your business for the next decades.   Please contact us to offer you an individual service solution. Backed up by long time experience on the Chinese purchasing market for paper based and printing products in connection with known international brand names, we can use our vast portfolio to support you.


  • Consulting — In order to choose the right strategy.
    • What kind of materials do fit to your product ?
    • Which processes and techniques should be considered ?
    • Where are the pitfalls to be expected ?
    • What solutions are good in China ?


  • Production — We are the right partner for you !
    • We are your reliable production partner !
    • Many international customers rely on our services !
    • Many years of experience in producing paper based products !
    • Strict organisation of all production processes !
    • Various special and customized techniques available !


  • Quality Guaranteed product quality and delivery time !
    • Assisting with enquiries.
    • Checking samples on site.
    • Constant communication in the right language with the right contacts.
    • Persistent quality controls during manufacturing.
    • Constant quality controls according to international ISO and AQL standards.


  • Improving — To stay long term competitive !
    • Identifying potential improvements prior, during and after production.
    • Prompt and professional communication of improvements.
    • Technical support with improvements.
    • Considering your return of investments !
    • Technical possibilities given in China.
Optimization, Optimierung, 优化过程