Purchasing in China - Together with us no Adventures !

Delu Ltd. consults you from an early stage, whether purchasing on the Chinese market would fit to your special requirements. Especially small and medium enterprises are underestimating the pitfalls in the Chinese purchasing market which is very often resulting in unexpected additional costs. Consulting, Beratung, 信息咨询In order to be best prepared for future purchasing activities in China we support you with our long time experience in Im- and Export to and from China.We identify for you the best possibilities as well as risks when buying products from far east and help you with the consideration of the pro and cons. We do also take into account to identify the differences from province to province in China, which is very often underestimated by outsiders.
In this way you will know from first hand which influences to be considered in order to make the right decision for your purchasing activities. Just as the Pareto principle is saying, you will be enabled to prevent by a small expenditure high subsequent costs.