How to Tie a Perfect Double Loop Bow

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In this post we will show you how to tie a beautiful and perfect double loop bow.

This bow is based on the single bow from our former post “How to Tie a Perfect Single Loop Bow”,  but this time please make sure to leave enough tail on both ends for our double ribbon bow.

Just a hint, if somebody can give you a helping hand it would be more easy, just to ensure that the loops are taut ...

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How to Tie a Perfect Single Loop Bow

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This kind of bow fits perfectly to wire edge or stiff ribbons that are strong enough

We recommend either taffeta, organdy, or grosgrain ribbon, the bow is especially charming when standing free.

Looks also beautiful by decorating gift boxes.

You will need at least eleven inches of ribbon just for the bow.  If wrapping a box, first tie a left-over-right half-knot.

For those who prefer a visual how to, just view below video

Here are the ...

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