How to make a origami box with handles

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Foldings for an origami box with handles

Some time ago I stumbled on a super original origami box. The folding, seemed not even particularly difficult, and so I have tried it myself. The box has, and I think that’s really the outstanding, a handle on the left and right side. Since I was so enthusiastic about this origami box, I decided to publish an how to make a origami box on our DELU blog also. In the ...

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Origami box step by step

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The perfect origami box folding

Here we will describe how to make a perfect origami box in some simple steps. Best suited for this purpose by the way, is a simple sheet of letter size paper, since the dimensions here are really just perfect for our origami box !
The difficulty level for this origami folding we would settle in the midfield. Therefore, this folding may not suit for the very youngest kids…..

Let’s get ...

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